A different history sujata bhatt

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She claims that she found it very hard and had to go through great difficulties in learning the Indian traditional language and the English language.

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Cinema of India

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'A Different History' - in this poem I mention the Hindu goddess, Sarasvati - she is the goddess of knowledge. She presides over all the fine arts and in India she is frequently worshipped in libraries.

Apr 30,  · Analysis Of "A Different History" Sujata Bhatt This is a line by line analysis of the poem. Firstly, is a brief overview of the poem and it's author. The Poet emigrated from India to the states when she was twelve.

She is a devout Hindu. The poem is a commentary on the relationship between cultural.


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Communal Harmony

Comparing US and French Cultures - Looking back at my experiences in France, I realize just how different our two cultures are. Furthermore, I found it very interesting how, after reading the text, both my parents, one being from France and the other from the United.

Bhatt explores the idea of history, culture and language throughout the poem. Bhatt uses two enjambments in the poem. The first enjambment talks about the book, which represents the culture and the way people should treat the books.

A different history sujata bhatt
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