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Glasgow itself was reputed to have been founded by the Christian missionary Saint Mungo in the 6th century. By the s, growth of industry in countries like Japan and West Germanyweakened the once pre-eminent position of many of the city's industries.

Self-injection rooms plan for Glasgow drug addicts given green light

The Stone Roses played what is widely regarded one of their best ever shows on the green in Abstinence recovery is not on their immediate horizon. For a time……… Voice over: ADP argues that those who inject on the streets are responsible for the majority of discarded needles which pose a health risk and contribute to public order problems.

Where dreams are made and shattered…. Inproposals were put forward for drug-use rooms in Brighton. Daniel Defoe visited the city in the early 18th century and famously opined in his book A tour thro' the Whole Island of Great Britainthat Glasgow was "the cleanest and beautifullest, and best built city in Britain, London excepted".

The city's new trades and sciences attracted new residents from across the Lowlands and the Highlands of Scotland, from Ireland and other parts of Britain and from Continental Europe.

Some of the timetables featured here are in PDF format. The development of civic institutions included the City of Glasgow Police inone of the first municipal police forces in the world. From fifty-two corners of Europe…. The Romans later built outposts in the area and, to keep Roman Britannia separate from the Celtic and Pictish Caledoniaconstructed the Antonine Wall.

Its early trade was in agriculture, brewing and fishing, with cured salmon and herring being exported to Europe and the Mediterranean. The settlement probably had an earlier Cumbric name, Cathures; the modern name appears for the first time in the Gaelic periodas Glasgu.

The Scottish Drugs Forum SDFa drugs policy and information organisation, has estimated there about 90 similar injecting facilities operating around the world, most of them in Europe. Drymen rural on-demand service: It also says street users experience problems such as homelessness, mental health issues and poverty, and are at heightened risk of blood-borne viruses, overdose and drug-related death, as well as other injecting-related complications.

The city's Tobacco Lords created a deep water port at Port Glasgow on the Firth of Clydeas the river within the city itself was then too shallow.

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Arrived here directly from a search engine. History of Glasgow Origins and development[ edit ] The area around Glasgow has hosted communities for millennia, with the River Clyde providing a natural location for fishing.

Glasgow Green is a 55 hectares/ acres site and is by far the oldest of the city's parks. It is situated within walking distance of the city centre, east of the Saltmarket. Controversial plans to allow drug users to inject safely under supervision in Glasgow have been approved. Members of the health board, city council and police agreed the proposals in principle but.

Glasgow Green will be a city hotspot during the Glasgow European Championships, bringing together sport, culture and entertainment to provide a daily programme of free to attend activities.

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This innovative live experience will bring together sport, fitness, health, arts, food and drink as never before. Are you fed up with not being able to find out bus information? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Presented here are all the known timetables of bus services in the Glasgow.

Glasgow Green is by far the oldest of the city's parks. It is situated within walking distance of the city centre east of the Saltmarket.

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It is currently undergoing a renaissance with major investment through the Lottery Heritage Fund providing a catalyst for the redevelopment of the local neighbourhood. Glasgow Green Cycle Club has been formed to welcome cyclists of from all disciplines to get bike club has members from all over the Glasgow Area and we would like you to come along to one of our rides and take part.

The club meets twice a week in Glasgow for training and social rides. Sunday is the main club run of around 45 miles with an added coffee stop.

Glasgow green
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